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Despite the tragic and disruptively chaotic consequences that COVID-19 has had on people's lives and the global economy, there have also been some positive people-centric awakening consequences, which are now appearing in the business community as we move toward a "new normal." 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the whole world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


Many company leaders and executive boards in healthcare companies are recognizing the critical, strategic importance for their companies to operate from a higher purpose.  Companies are moving beyond a mono-capital shareholder focus on profitability at all cost, to a people-centric, Four Capitals operating model and are focusing more broadly on health, social, psychology and technology to deliver sustainable prosperity in these times of adversity and challenge.  They are looking to have greater impact and influence on the most pressing challenges that communities and societies they operate in are facing.  





























The SIA program is a turn-key program that develops your people as leaders who can deliver important and impactful outcomes with situational agility along the Transformational, Strategic, Tactical & Operational business perspectives continuum that: 

  • Are measurable and produce multiple capital returns on your company’s investment 

  • Produce innovative, socially impactful projects that become self-sustaining over time

  • Increase employee engagement and retention by offering them opportunities to align themselves and their work with each individual's higher purpose.


GCH's Social Impact Accelerator (SIA) program is specifically designed for pharmaceutical, medical device, and other healthcare-wellness sector companies who desire for their organizations to operate as a social impact company. Using the Four Capitals model, companies offer their employees at all levels the opportunity to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


Making a positive difference on the health and wellbeing of society and the planet

Social Impact Accelerator 

A Program for Companies Committed to Social Impact

Image by Andrew Jephson

Case Study

GCH is currently delivering a Social Impact Accelerator program within a global pharmaceutical company. The aim is to generate a social and community impact by directly changing patient's lives for the better.

As an illustration, one of the teams in the Leadership Accelerator program is developing strategic solutions that address the global issue of  reducing childhood mortality by piloting a program in a selected geography.  Through quick iterative cycles, the team 

  • articulated their transformational purpose (Vision) 

  • developed a strategic blueprint document for how to achieve their vision

  • determined a process for doing desk research to understand the dynamics and parameters of the local situation

  • created multiple scenarios to engage stakeholders (e.g. end user, business partners and client/customers with funding resources)

  • identified tracking and monitoring KPIs for success.

  • presented their case to the CSO and received a go-ahead for the next phase of  their project.

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