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A People-Centric Consultancy

Game Changing Healthcare (GCH) partners with leaders, teams and organizations who are unafraid to dream big and implement bold, impactful strategies that improve peoples' lives in the global healthcare ecosystem. 


We accelerate companies' positive impact in local communities and with stakeholders, while increasing their employees' health, social, natural, knowledge & financial capitals (the 5 Capitals) that generate prosperity in times of radical change.

GCH's purpose is to build high-performance agile cultures and teams in organizations. We not only intend to impact the level of financial results, but also positively impact the health and well-being of the people within these organizations and the people they serve to improve the living conditions on our planet.

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  • Align their purpose with strategic direction and on-the-ground tactical execution

  • Develop adaptive and emotionally intelligent leadership

  • Evolve organizational culture to be agile and able to deal with accelerating change and complexity

  • Develop new infrastructure and processes that impact the ecosystem in which they operate

  • Contribute generously to society by investing and engaging in social impact projects that make a difference for society (e.g. social, health & well-being, climate change, environment) through our Social Impact Accelerator program

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